How Do You Deal With This?! and rambling

C called me from school this morning.  He felt low in class and walked up to the health office (all the way across campus).  He tested at 59.  The health tech allowed him to call me before taking his carbs.  I told him to have 6 glucose tabs (24 carbs).  Ya, it might’ve sounded like overkill, but last night he hit 55 and it took 45 carbs to get him to 112.  He woke up around 120, so I wanted to play it safe.  Since he’s on his own at school, sometimes I need him to overcompensate for a low to make sure he’s in the clear.
Anyway, to make a long story short, he calls back 15 min later to report a retest result of 214.

Ok, I decided to come back and update the whole story.  I’m so upset with the school/nurse/no-help situation that C’s in every day.  C has his normal classroom with a box full of juice boxes and glucose tabs, a teacher that he’s comfortable with and who I’ve talked to extensively about what C needs and I expect.  He leaves the class and goes next door for math.  Yesterday during math, he tested and was at 59.  He had no glucose tabs or juice in the class with him.  He told the teacher that he was low and needed to go to the health office for carbs.  And he sent him.  C’s class is in the last row at his school and the health office is in the first.  It is clear across campus.  And he went with a 59 blood sugar reading ALONE.
The first thing I think of is that he was obviously in panic mode and not thinking clearly or he would’ve realized he could go to his other class, next door, and get juice.  The next thing that scares me is that it is written in his 504 Plan that he cannot go to the health office alone with a low blood sugar.  Ever.  If there is nobody available, he must stay put and have candy, juice, soda, whatever’s available in the teacher’s presence.  His normal teacher knows this, but apparently, his math teacher doesn’t and C finds it embarassing to bring someone with him.  His regular teacher will just choose someone for him so he’s not embarassed.
So, he got the the office and called me FIRST.  Then, i told him to take the carbs as I said before.  After the last phone call above, I got another call about 30 min later which I missed.  I called the school back right away and the health tech told me that his BG was now 340 and he was in the bathroom testing for ketones.  I assured her that he wouldn’t have developed ketones that quickly and that she needed to tell him that lunch was in 20 minutes and he could correct at that point.  Five minutes later he calls to tell me the ketones came back moderate.  Ugh!  Try convincing this kid that urine ketones are old and probably from the day before and not to worry!  His response was, “Well I AM worried.”  I know from prior experience that this is where his BG keeps skyrocketing due to stress.  I gave up and headed to the school to calm him down.  On my way he calls again to tell me he’s out of test strips.
When I got there I spoke to the health tech.  She told me that he told her he was out of test strips and she sounded (in her tone) like she thought that the last (highest) BG he reported might’ve been made up.  I later checked his meter and it was there…
I felt like he was in a bad situation and decided to take him home.  While I waited for him to go back to class for his backpack, I saw the actual school NURSE walk by (she’s there an hour a week).  When C came back I asked if he’d seen her and he said no.  He sat in the health office for 2 1/2 hours with health issues and she never even came in?  What the hell is she there for?  To sign papers once a week for legalities?  Great.  I told him that I didn’t feel that the adults there were making good choices today and he told me that they don’t do anything.  He does everything himself.
I hate this!!


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