Every once in a while I get reminded that C REALLY DOES have diabetes and celiac FOREVER. It makes me sick to my stomach when it happens.

Today I got registration papers in the mail from the summer camp he goes to every year.  He’s not going this year.  I don’t have enough hours at work to justify them going, but also, I’m not sure how I feel about him going on field trips with 19-25 year olds who have no experience with diabetes.  Anyway, when I got the papers I realized that I don’t think they even know that he was diagnosed.  The first time I notoiced his symptoms we were at Hurricane Harbor with them.  It was the last field trip he did with them.  I had to pull them out of day camp early due to my hours being cut at work, but I went on the last one with them.  It was a million degrees out, we were only drinking from the drinking fountains when we passed them and C had to head for the bathrooms about every 30 minutes.  He even decided to sit out at the tables for a while and all his friends were on the water slides.  I verbalized to my friend, “I hope the kid doesn’t have diabetes.”
Oh, if only I had known how dead on I was.  I wish I had known just a little more about diabetes.  I had no idea it was so serious.  I had no idea that he really could have it.  Oh that sarcastic remark will stay stuck in my head forever.  It was actually 8 more days before I rushed him to the ER and was told I was right.
Anyway, I wrote back to the camp.  I told them about his diagnoses (is that how you spell it when there’s more than one??). While writing I almost started crying.  We live with these day in and day out.  There’s not a lot of thinking about them, just living and managing.  It’s just a new life and we’ve adjusted pretty darn well.  However, writing it felt like reliving it.  It was like hearing the doctors tell me “yes” again when I asked if he’d be insulin dependant.  It was just a reminder that “yes,” he will have these forever.


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