Lower Lows and Losing Insurance to Boot

I’m up late.  This is way late for me.  I’m in the middle of another battle with C’s lows.  He was at 90 before bed.  I gave him a bowl of ice cream with caramel topping.  About 18-20 carbs.  No insulin.  Thirty minutes later he tells me he’s low.  45.  Here we are back to around 90…7 juice boxes later.  He’s refusing to eat or drink anymore because he’s “full.”  So, I’m testing him every 15 minutes for now to make sure he’s moving upward instead of pulling another U-Turn and going back down.
While sitting here I noticed the mail is still on my desk.  One piece is a notice from Medi-Cal.  It’s telling me that they’ve dropped my children’s health insurance coverage because I’m making too much money.  This is really hard for me.  Here’s my long boring story.  I need to rant apparently.
My kids were on Healthy Families for years.  It’s regular insurance but with lowered rates according to your income.  It’s great insurance.  Then, when C was diagnosed with diabetes we found out that they don’t cover chronic illnesses, so we get referred to another program, California Children’s Services, that covers everything related to that.  It’s amazing.  He has 100% coverage and so far the only thing they haven’t approved is CGM and that’s ok (for now).  Then, my hours at work dropped due to 1) the economy wreaking havoc on my job 2) me missing lots of work due to Dr. appts and illnesses.  That’s when Healthy Families needed my annual renewal information.  I promptly received notice that I did not make enough money for the program and would be referred to Medi-Cal.
I receive money from Unemploment for the hours I’ve been cut at work.  Unemployment has a lottttt of paperwork to deal with in these times and sometimes it takes a very long time to receive your check.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  I didn’t receive any money from Unemployment in December or January.  In February, I received all three months worth in a matter of weeks.  This happened to be the month that Medi-Cal wants all of my info for their review…  Of course.
So, it looks like I’m rolling in the money according to February.  I got my letter today stating that I’m over the income limits and as of March 31st, my children will no longer be covered.  So, I guess I move forward and reapply for Healthy Families.  But now, if I don’t get extra checks the month that they want to see how much I make, they’re going to deny me and refer me back to Medi-Cal.  It’s such a stupid cycle to be stuck in.  It’s annoying enough with no medical issues, but throw in Diabetes, Celiac and all of the blood work, Dr.’s appts and supplies and this is just about overwhelming.


2 Responses

  1. OMGsh!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a horrible cycle 😦 I'm so sorry. Nice to "meet" you!

  2. OMG Thats exactly what we went through! I made under limit for medicaid but hubbys unemployment put us over. DENIED. BUT they gave it to the little one cause hes under 6..huh?! ok..

    Then he loses unemployment, we get approved! But it gets kicked back denied again!

    Finally we got it now, but its so criminal what they do to us!

    I know im late on this post but i hope things got figured out for u!

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