Car Ribbons

You know those ribbon magnets everyone puts on their car to show their support for some cause or another?  Well, I try not to be one that does something that everyone else does, but I do have a ribbon magnet.  It’s green and it says Celiac Awareness.  I decided to put it on my car because first) I bought a new car that looks like every other car and I needed something to tell it was mine; second) Most people I talk to have never heard of Celiac Disease, so I might as well throw out a little awareness while I’m driving around.
So this morning we’re at a stop light when the car behind me backs up, pulls up next to me and motions for me to roll down my window.  She asked me where I got it and told me she loves it.  I told her ( ) and asked if she had Celiac Disease and she said she did.  I said so does my son and motioned to him.  She looks at him and say, “It’s a pain in the butt isn’t it?” and they both laughed.  It was perfect!  It was the first time we’ve met anyone else with it and it was such a cool way to find out.  Light turned green and we seperated, but C kept talking about it.  It was just one of those moments that leaves you in a good mood.  I’ll stop worrying about how “typical” I am with my ribbon magnet now.  🙂


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  1. YEAH FOR RIBBON MAGNET!!!!! I used to have JDRF one…but it got stolen at the walk last year!!!!!!!At any rate…it's so cool to run into people who run in our hidden circles 🙂

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