Fieldtrip Fiascos

Today I took a break from work to accompany my younger son on his class field trip.  I swear not 30 minutes in I get a call from C that his blood sugar’s 451.  Thank God Grandma was in town or I would’ve freaked!  She picked him up, corrected and took him back to work with her until I got back.  Now I’ve got a call in to the Dr. so she can tell us exactly what adjustments need to be made.  No more of this slow, minute adjustments that I’ve been doing. I need a fix and I need it now!  My poor kiddo!

On a completely other note, while we were in a middle of a lesson about food groups (the trip was to a farm), a child from our group with Autism just sort of lost it.  He was very aggitated, yelling, crying, throwing himself on the ground.  He has an aide who was helping him, but the people from the farm kept looking over like they had no idea what the heck was going on.  She finally took him outside to try to calm him out there.  It was so heartbreaking to see.  In my head I was suddenly standing in his parents shoes and I started crying.
I look at my son and think about how I never wished anything like diabetes in his life.  I always pictured so many things for him, but the main thing was just living. Easy, happy, carefree living.  He’ll never ever have that.  But looking at this child and thinking about how devestated his parents must’ve been when he was diagnosed truly broke my heart.  I really is true that everyone has their own paths and struggles.  You just have to make sure you take the time to try to really understand others’.


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