Cleaning up, Clearing out.

Today was a much-needed good day.  It started out crazier than most, but ended well.

C called me this morning to tell me his pump alarm went off telling him it wasn’t primed.  I dropped everything and ran to the school and showed him how to prime it.  Then I had to grab my other son to take him to his Dr. apt.  On our way I thought how I didn’t question the fact that it wasn’t primed.  I didn’t check the rest of the pump.  I just hurried out of there.

Sure enough, right after arriving at the Dr. office I get another call that the cartridge cap came unscrewed and came off.  It took months to get in to this appointment, I couldn’t leave!  I walked him through how to fix it on the phone.  I didn’t know what actually was going on, so I had him do the whole thing. Rewind, Load, Prime. He did great.  I’ve been wanting to get him to do an infusion set change and learn all of this but he hasn’t wanted to.  I guess it’s nice when you’re forced into a situation.

The nice part was when we got home from school today.  Both boys wanted to have a friend over.  I told them that the playroom and house was too messy.  Boom!  They both volunteered to get in there with me an organize.  We took it a step further and filled three big storage boxes with things to get rid of!  Woohoo!  Their friends came over and my youngest filled another bag of toys to send home with his friend.  Ahhhhh… I’m feeling better all ready.  Now we’ve just got 4 or 5 other rooms to work on…


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