Endo Day

Today was C’s endo appointment.  It was actually 2 weeks before his appointment, but I had to move it up.  I was about to have a mental breakdown.  It seems to happen every time I try to go to long without her reassurance.  This time she said she thought we’d be fine with normal 3 month spaced appointments.  Guess again.  Two months in and started freaking out.  Stopped sleeping, stopped thinking about anything but his numbers, started making mistakes at work due to being preoccupied.  ugh.  I’m a total mess.

She told me we were still doing great, gave us some new basals and what to change them to from here if it doesn’t help enough.  The best thing she told me was that I was welcome to keep his appointments under two months if that’s what I was comfortable with.  Thank God for his insurance, that’s all I’ve got to say!

I’m a bit nervous though because he went low in the waiting room today.  About the same time he’s normally hitting the 3-400s, he was sitting in the 60s and not wanting to budge with juice.  I guess we’ll see what happens over the next few days with the new changes and go from there.

 I talked to her about C’s daycare situation while I was there, too.  She says to stop putting up with them and find another daycare.  She said none of her other patients have ever told her about a problem like refusing to keep or use a glucagon kit.  I’m ok with the idea of switching, but to where?  This one has a site at their school.  And next door to the middle school C moves to next year.  It’s a block, or less, from our house.  They have summer camp.  They could be a perfect if they’d just understand that denying C emergency care (if the need arises) is inhumane!


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