Yesterday C called with a high BG at school. During that phone call I realized that the normal health tech wasn’t there again and hadn’t been there the day before. I recently talked to the principal about this same situation. She’s the only one trained to used glucagon. If she’s not there, I need a phone call so I can take him out of school or stay there myself for the day. FAIL.
Finally I went to the school district and put in formal complaints about their lack of care. The lady I spoke to was very concerned and I believe she will follow through. Later, C’s teacher told me that all fifth grade teachers had been trained to use glucagon this year. The nurse also told me she trained the office staff. The office manager (who was supposedly trained) didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked her and the school district showed no documentation for anybody being trained this year.

After school, I spoke to C’s teachers. His main teacher asked me to please ask his Dr. why he’s not stable yet. Said she’d had diabetics previously, almost one a year (however I know that it had been years since this school had a student with diabetes) and her father-in-law has diabetes (type 2) and she’d never in her life seen someone with blood sugars so out of control. I tried to explain to her that she needed to leave her FIL out of the equation and that after many doctor visits and having the support of others online, I’m completely confident that he is no abnormal. I don’t think she believed a bit of it, unfortunately.
She also asked me to talk to the Dr. again about putting him on ADHD meds. His endo had been completely against the idea when he was diagnosed with that nonsense. She thought we should wait and see how much improvement came after starting the pump and getting BGs a little more regular. Hasn’t helped much. But putting him on a medication that will likely cause appetite supression… Not a great idea with diabetes. Especially since they’re not satisfied with his weight gain since diagnosis. And really, do they realize that there’s less than four weeks left in the school year?


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