Sites Gone Wild

I picked C up from school yesterday and he told me his infusion set was bothering him. He said it felt like it was coming out or something. I looked at it and it ‘looked’ perfect. He also said he ‘felt really high’ (not what most mothers of 11 year olds hear) at school but when he tested he was only 80. I asked what made him think he was high and he said his mouth was super dry and when he drank water it felt more like drinking sand (this breaks a momma’s heart). Not much later he said his legs got shaky (a tell-tale sign of a low for him) and he ate his 15c of candies in his pocket.
Not thinking much of the site that was bothering him, I said he could have a (gluten-free)cupcake when we got home & he bolused properly for it. At dinner he was well over 300. I thought maybe he had something else to snack on and had forgotten to bolus. We corrected and bolused for his dinner which he planned to follow up with popcorn. Still didn’t think about that darn site. An hour after dinner he’d hit 400. We changed the site and tried to correct.
My dilemma starts here. His pump says he has about 3 units of active insulin on board. His pump suggests we only correct with 0.25 units at this point. I have a feeling that this is nowhere near enough and he might not have gotten any of that ‘active’ insulin into his body if the site was bad. BUT, it’s also about to be bedtime. IF that insulin IS in his body and I add it all over again, we’re in deep trouble. No sleep for either of us. So, I bolus the 0.25 and decided to test again in an hour. 430. Ugh! Pump suggest 2 units which I give. And hour and a half later he’s only down to 299. The latest and not-so-greatest night basal (which I hope to get the Dr. to change tomorrow) is not nearly enough so I figured he probably wouldn’t be going down much from there. At 1am it was about 280 and I then slept through my 3 am alarm. Ugh! Woke up at 286.
So, is there anything worse than a site gone-bad? Yes. It’s a site gone bad, noticed at bedtime with an insufficient night-time basal.


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