Moving On

Today C graduated from elementary school. It was a tough year and I’m glad he’s done and moving on.   

At his graduation I had a serious moment where I realized how lucky I am. I hate to credit diabetes for anything, but it has really given me opportunities that other parents may not have. I’ve been required to go on every field trip this year. It’s allowed me to meet the other kids in C’s school.   

Being in fifth grade, they go to Outdoor School. A week away from home in nature. In the weeks leading up to them going it seemed that I just kept hearing parents talking about getting a break and the things they were planning while their child was gone. I remember feeling bitter that C had diabetes and celiac and I was required to go. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to go and loved the chance to go, but still, the fact that he couldn’t go without me was just one more reason for me to hate diabetes.   

Today at the graduation they showed a slide show of the school year and the majority of it was from Outdoor School. The week we went happened to be one of the worst storms this area has seen in a very long time. It POURED the whole time we were there. It hailed. There were thunder and lightning storms. We went on mud hikes. We went on night hikes through the mud. We had to wear rain ponchos and boots the entire time we were there. We live in Southern California. Most of the kids had never seen weather like this let alone camped away from home for a week in it.   

Today I got to see all the photos and have the memories to go along with them. To know exactly what was going on in each one and what the kids were experiencing when they were taken. I realized how lucky I was that I got to spend that time with the kids and experience it with them. I was the only parent who got that chance.   

C on the Mud Hike. notice his abandoned shoe...



2 Responses

  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture is amazing….such a blessing to have these memories 🙂

  2. Thanks Wendy! 🙂

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