Making Beds

Surprise! Es getting mentioned on my blog after a super long break!
E used to be the biggest helper, always wanting to clean up. Not lately, total slob. So yesterday he was ready for daycare in the morning so I suggested he go make his bed so he’d have somewhere nice to sleep later. And he did. I was so surprised. BUT I praised his good job, gave a high-five and we took a picture of how great it looked.
Apparently that’s how you motivate him. Today he made his bed without being asked. AND, he took a picture. Then he offered to make my bed (since he was the one who threw my blankets on the floor) and he took a picture of that. Then, he headed to C’s room and made his, and of course took another picture.

E’s Bed Made
E’s Bed Made AGAIN
Mom’s Bed Made
Even C’s Bed Made

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  1. Wonderful! Great job Ethan!

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