Super Fun Day

Yesterday, Camden’s summer day-camp went on a field trip to Hurricane Harbor. If you know Cam’s diagnosis story, you’ll know that it was last summer’s trip here that I first noticed he had the symptoms of diabetes…

Anyways, this would be our first time going back and our first time having to tote lots and lots of gear along with us. I figured I’d better blog about it because it all worked so damn smoothly, I couldn’t believe it!

First, we brought lunches to eat in the parking lot before going in and carried (in the backpack) bags of chips, peanuts, powerade and almonds. The backpack also held a blood glucose meter, extra test strips, an extra infusion set & cartridge, glucagon and plenty of glucose tabs. The backpack stayed in the locker. These were all ‘extras’. In my car I had a cooler with the same things, plus insulin and syringes.

With us, I carried an insulated lunchbox labeled “DIABETIC-Emergency Glucose” (so nobody would be interested in waking off with it) that I left at each ride while we went on. It held glucagon, juice boxes, glucose tabs, peanuts, a washcloth (for drying hands before testing), and tegaderm for covering the infusion site & keeping it dry.

Camden had his pump in the pocket of his trunks with the tubing fed through a hole I cut an plugged in along with a tube of glucose gel. He always keeps a tube in his trunks pocket in case he goes low in the water and needs it asap.

I found a waterproof pack (large size, $15) that would fit his OneTouch Ultra Mini in it’s case that I wore around my neck and I also wore a tankini that covered the fact that I was wearing a SPIbelt around my waist with a ziploc bag filled with glucose tabs in it.

We were set.

Does this sound ridiculous? Yes, clearly it does. Do ‘normal’ people with diabetes do this or am I just nuts? I have no idea. That’s kinda what I’m wondering. How the heck do you do something like a waterpark and not have to worry about everything that could go wrong? Am I an over the top worrier, or is this just the way it is?

Anyway, we had a great day without incident. Cam was able to test anytime he needed to due to having the meter with us and not having to leave it somewhere dry. I was able to hand him glucose tabs every time I thought about it without interruption. His blood sugar was in the 80s every time he tested. How’s that for a freaking great day?!?

Anyways, here’s the icing on the cake. Camden wanted Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from the stand they have there. BUT, Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t confirm gluten status on their website & I’ve stayed away from them ever since I learned that. BUT, it was hot, he was hungry, he was exercising, his blood sugar was only 80 and he couldn’t eat anything else they sell there. Chips and nuts lose their appeal sometimes. I decided we’d go for the least risky and get him Vanilla, even though he wanted Mint Chocolate Chip, in a cup. I debated whether or not I wanted to talk to the kid working the stand about the issue. Finally I did. I told him my son had a food allergy and needed to stay away from the cones, so if he saw any crumbs in the ice cream, could he please avoid them? His answer?? “Oh, does he have Celiac? My brother does too. I have a list here of all the flavors that have no gluten, do you want to see it?”

Can you believe that? Guess what was on that list, Mint Chocolate Chip. Camden enjoyed a big ole scoop of it in a bowl.


3 Responses

  1. First of all I LOVE everything you did for the water park. Too much? NOT AT ALL! You were awesomely prepared and it made for a great day! I am definitely getting one of those spibelts and waterproof things!

    I am soo glad the ice cream he wanted was gluten free! Sounds like you guys kicked ass yesterday!!

    This post really made me smile 😀

  2. I love the ice cream story! That’s completely awesome.

    We went to a water/amusement park the other day, as you know. 😉 Caleb wore his Pod and a Spibelt with gummies in a ziplock bag. I had a backpack with me with his epipen, glucagon, insulin, extra Pods and I carried his Pod case in my backpack which has an extra meter. I also had various carbs in the bag. So I guess I had about as much stuff, just carried it in a different way. Oh and I also carried DexCom on me. The only thing I would have done differently, was pack more ice packs.

  3. OK…the ice cream guy rocks! Also, I too would have been over the top prepared at the water park. Those are definitely the hardest place to manage “d”…with all the supplies and things that cannot get wet…etc.

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