Back To School

This morning we met with our school district nurse, the health tech and the psychologist at C’s new school.  I must say that immediately it was a refreshing change from last year’s staff.

I showed up with seven plastic boxes of glucose tabs, juice boxes, test strips, etc.  Everything he ‘might need’ while he’s at school.  One big box to keep in the office with EVERYTHING  in it, a smaller one to keep in his PE locker with lots of juice boxes and candies and 5 smaller ones to keep in each classroom with juice/sugar.

I expected the office staff to roll their eyes at me.  I was sure they’d try to discourage me from delivering these boxes to the classrooms.  I was so wrong.  They were thrilled.  They called me the poster child of what a parent of diabetes  should be.  They praised my organization, they said they were so happy to have an accessible parent.  I did warn them that it might look nice now, but if I start to bother them, they’d better let me know…

After last year’s nonsense and the school he went to not ever taking diabetes, or celiac for that matter, seriously it was comforting to hear a group of people being appreciative of the efforts.  They looked in his file for his 504 Plan from last year.  They agreed that it was a joke.  It barely mentioned diabetes and never mentioned his celiac.  It was one side of a page.  I showed them the six page version that I recently updated and they said it looked great.  We’ll have our formal review in a few weeks.  In the meantime, they made copies of it for each of C’s teachers.

We got his schedule today instead of when school starts tomorrow and got to meet each teacher.  I introduced us, let them know about his diabetes, handed them their boxes of sugar and asked them where they’d be keeping it.

It was a good experience.  At this point, I’m definitely more concerned about how he’ll handle a school of 1000 students, 6 classes and the workload more than I’m concerned about his diabetes.   Which is exactly how it should be.


4 Responses

  1. aww that is sooo good to hear that it all went so smoothly!!! 🙂
    It is so good to know when people take your concerns seriously. Here’s to hoping C will have a great year, at a new school, with good grades and lots of friends 🙂

  2. That’s awesome Em! It’s such a relief when we can leave the school feeling confident in the way they will care for our kids. Glad everything went well for him!

  3. Your school sounds amazing. Love that they are so supportive. We are still struggling on the storage of sugar and “d” supplies around Joe’s school…and we have been at this for 4 years now – UGH.

  4. Oy yay! You are so right! That is exactly how it should be! Great job mama!

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