basal changes are good

I’ve been getting up at least two to three times per night for way too long correcting C’s blood sugar.  If I didn’t, it would hit the high 200s or 300s by midnight.  Every single night.  I’ve been trying to hold out for his endo appt. which was stupid, but we made it.  We made corrections which were pretty drastic.  Maybe the biggest jump in changes ever.  So, I was nervous.  I got up way too many times last night to make sure his numbers were good.  Holy steadiness, were they!  I think the higher basal needs to switch back down a bit earlier in the morning because by the time we woke up, he was slightly low.

Dinner-81      9pm-140      11pm-110      12am-126       1am-151      2:30am-132      4am-112      7am he was down to 68.

I should be sleeping way better now.


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