Walk #2

On Saturday, we participated on JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes in Santa Barbara. This year C’s best friend’s family joined our team and walked with us. Just as the walk itself started, C tested at 46. It was the jolly jumper. Anyhow, we started about 15 minutes late & I tried to push extra juice while walking, but it just wasn’t happening.  Of course, C and his friend decided to RUN the second half…  As soon as we got back, I gave more candy. We had lunch, more candy, jolly jumper more candy. No matter what he did and how often we gave candy, every test was coming out low.  Really low.  I turned off his basal. tested low.  I removed his pump, kept it in my pocket and gave juice. Low. 

It’s hard to see how much it affects your child.  C just seemed worn out. Non-enthusiastic.  He tried so hard to keep up and have fun with his friend, but you could tell he just felt like crap.

We ended up going to McDonald’s for ice cream sundaes.  We haven’t done this before and I was shocked that the carb count was 56 grams!  BUT, I didn’t bolus for it.  I figured I’d rather correct a high than keep dealing with a low.  Good plan, because he never went high.  I got him up to a safe number by bedtime, but he was low again through the night and well into the next day.

I guess this is why we raise money.  We need more research.  We need better technology and tools.  We need more accuracy.  We need better living.  We need a cure.


2 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh! It’s like the walk cured him for the day, but that’s not exactly what you meant by walking for a cure, now was it?

    I’m so sorry. Those are the things that sadden me – when D gets in the way of having fun – and on walk day of all things!

    PS – Great pic – your hair looks awesome. 🙂

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