One year ago today, C ate his last piece of whole wheat toast for breakfast, skipped school in the morning and headed to his regular endocrinologist appointment.  That morning we got the results of his Celiac test and found out why he hadn’t gained much weight back after his diabetes diagnosis.  We realized why his stomach had been bothering him enough to come home from school almost daily.  A million things fell into place and started to make sense.

One year ago today, I went home and started researching Celiac Disease on the computer.  I decided that there MUST be different levels of sensitivity in celiac disease because certainly we couldn’t be expected to follow such a rigid diet FOREVER??  No such luck.

We had 2 weeks before we could see our new gastroenterologist.  The endocrinologist only told us to not eat anything that said ‘wheat’ but what I was reading included so much more.  I didn’t know what to feed him.

One year ago today, we headed to the grocery store and bought everything we could find that was labeled gluten-free.  In that year, we’ve adjusted.  We’ve found lots of great alternatives to the ‘normal’ foods he was eating before.  In that year, we’ve found our that lots of ‘normal’ foods are gluten free.  Some things, like pizza, he says he’d rather go without that not have Domino’s and that’s okay.  People are probably better off without pizza anyways.  In the last year, my son gained back the 10+ pounds he lost before being diagnosed with diabetes and gained almost 10 more.  He feels better than ever.  He doesn’t complain about his stomach, and he’s not as moody.

Sometimes it’s still upsetting and seems overwhelming when you think about the forever-ness of it, but it’s no different from his diabetes.  Whether he as one chronic disease, two, or even more down the line, we’re making the best of his life and he’s thriving despite them.


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  1. Gee’s! I remember leaving work and heading to Lassens and Trader Joes and buying everything we found! Remember that bread? I remember tasting it and thinking I’d rather die than eat this s*** forever! I thought we’d never pull it off! I remember buying The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread cookbook and reading it cover to cover in those first weeks! And my trials of bread making-UGH! All the changes in kitchen pots and utensils!
    And then Donna and Jim arriving and feeding them that awful pizza!
    We have come a long way! We can face anything life throws!

  2. Well written.
    I can really understand although for a child is twice difficult.
    For me first came Wheat intolerance than Diabetes.
    That day I said it seems getting always more restricted, but then I look at myself now and say…well I came a long way.

  3. Go Camden! He sounds like he has such a great attitude and it’s really no surprise since yours is wonderful as well. 🙂

  4. Wow…Emily…double whammy, for sure. The only good thing is that there seems to be more and more awareness for it and hopefully more options for him. You are doing such a good job…sometimes it’s thankless…but he will reap big benefits from your hard work…and as weird as it seems…it is a time to celebrate life…

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