It seems lately (last couple of weeks) that we’ve had a LOT less of diabetes getting in our way.  Yes, a handful of (REALLY high) highs and obviously a handful or two or lows, but nothing that just jumps out and debilitates C or can’t get fixed easily.  I just knocked on wood.  Anyways, feels like a good time to step back a little more and allow C to grow a little more.

On Friday morning C wasn’t feeling well.  I think it was bullshit actually, but how can I prove it?  I can tell him I don’t believe him but he’s got plenty of things he could pull out of his hat that I couldn’t argue with so he stayed home.  Of course by the afternoon he felt great and wanted to play with his friends.  Worked out fine because there was a fundraiser/party at E’s school that evening that a bunch of C’s friends would be at.  BUT, by the time we were ready to eat dinner and go, his blood sugar reading was 475.  Washed hands, dried and retested…536.  Dammit.  Ketones, 0.4  This was a day that I allowed C to bolus for his own food and take responsibility for his own testing.  Guess what…he hadn’t tested since 10am when I asked him to and going out on a limb here, I’m pretty sure he didn’t bolus for at least one of those popsicles.  We corrected and he had to stay home with Grandma while we went out for the night.  I also reminded him that if he wants me to accept the fact that he’s responsible, he’d better start proving it.

On Saturday he went to a Halloween party across the street from us.  The mom gave me the heads up on everything they’d have to eat so I could provide alternatives.  She made sugar-free jello brains so that he could participate in the brain-eating contest.  He didn’t do it anyways, nor did he eat the gluten-free cupcake I sent along, but whatever.  I sent him with a lunchbox and it had glucose tabs and a meter in there, too.  I didn’t call him all day.  Not even when they went around the corner to the school to do pumpkin launching.  Yes, he came back a bit high, but he was in charge.  Since he didn’t eat, I’m guessing the high was from having extra carb tabs before running around.

Yesterday, he was running amuck in the neighborhood all day with his friends.  I never called him.  I did remind him to test 2 or three times through the day, but that was it.  Something I always do that’s enabling is use the meter/remote for his pump.  When we got it, I thought it was the greatest thing ever.  I do still appreciate it greatly, however, it’s made him stop thinking about bolusing for breakfast completely.  I make breakfast, bolus and put his vitamins out every morning.  He comes in, sits down and eats.  I’ve already tested him & given a correction, if needed, while he was still sleeping.  I still do that part (if he’s high, it’s easier to just get it down before trying to wake him) but told him I’m NOT using the remote anymore.  I realized what that means the last two days.  It means halfway through his meal, I go,”You bolused, right?” and he goes, “Oh!” and then boluses.  Whatever, I don’t care if it’s halfway through as long as he’s starting a habit.  Numbers schumbers.  I think you have to be pretty forgiving about numbers when you’re giving more responsibilities.


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  1. You sound like you are doing fabulously. I completely agree that you have to tolerate the mistakes and let him correct them so that he gets into the habit and understands the consequences. He’ll get there more quickly. Its easy to have that approach for many things, but a bit more challenging when you have your Childs short term and long term health in mind. Good for you for staying strong. I think you are giving Camden a great gift.

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