I hate celiac disease.  I try so hard to convince people that C can eat whatever he wants with diabetes.  Then I have to explain that he can’t actually have that but that it’s not because of diabetes.  I think people are lumping them together most of the time and think he’s got one issue.  I’m not one to get annoyed at “stupid questions” about either.  I love it.  Ask me! Ask me anything!  I WANT to tell you the reality.  And if I ask you something “stupid” about your issue that I’ve never dealt with I expect the same patience.  There’s no reason to get upset about someone asking how long he’ll have diabetes or if he can take something to counteract the gluten. 

Enter my sister and her family…  They refuse to get a clue.  Her son came over once  and tried to tease C with candy.  He was truly surprised to hear that C could eat it.  It infuriated me that he’s been taught NO compassion.  Here he thought C was never allowed to eat candy so he waved it in front of his face.  She has her children’s birthday party’s at our house most of the time because we have more room.  When I make their cakes, of course they’re going to be gluten-free.  They’re fine.  They’re good.  Maybe not the best cakes ever, maybe not the moistest, but they’re fine.  My sister’s comment, “It’s alright, but I can definitely taste the gluten stuff.”  Ummm, no you can’t idiot, it’s gluten-free.  sigh…

Today we went to her daughter’s 6th birthday party.  There was pizza and cake which he couldn’t have.  We brought our own gluten-free cupcake and made do.  At the end, she gave me two goodie bags for the boys, marked with their initials.  I peeked in C’s and was surprised my sister didn’t put any candy just stickers and stuff, she ALWAYS puts candy.  Then I checked E’s… sure enough, candy.  I was so pissed that for a year I’ve been trying to educate her and she hasn’t listened to anything.  I asked her if she had any extras and she said they were all at home.  She didn’t know what he could have, so she left it all out.  I get it.  I understand not knowing what to do, but really?  Give him a blank goodie bag when he’s got a brother with a bunch of candy?! 

I split them up so he’d be unaware.  It definitely would’ve bugged him, no lunch, no cake, no candy… sheesh!  Involve a kid!!


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  1. People not getting it is one thing…but family is another. I feel your pain. I’m glad you were able to get to the bags before your son did!

  2. I wish we were close. Ethan would love to hang out with Camden. E is one of our non-diabetic children, but he’s 11 and he “gets it.” I know where children are concerned, it can be taught . . . the understanding of the disease AND the compassion. I’m so sorry for this situation for the both of you. Hang in there GREAT MOMMA. You’re gonna raise healthy, balanced kiddo despite it all.

    P.S. One of my biggest frustrations is the “Oh, they can have candy?” Yes, we just have to cover it! UGH

  3. I’m SO with you here!!!!!

    Just yesterday Sugar told me that she would rather get rid of celiac and just have diabetes.

    What a freaking decision for a kid to ponder 😦

  4. Really?! I’m glad to hear it’s not just Camden that hates it. He says if he had to pick which one to be cured it would be celiac. 😦

  5. Oh I’m so sorry. That’s not fair. I’ll stop complaining about my familynwho are actually very sensitive and aware of both caleb’s d and peanut allergy. They always have packages or labels for me or provide them in advance.

    I agree about people nit knowing. It doesn’t upset me, be use I wouldn’t know what I know if my son didn’t have d. But I am often surprised by what people don’t know. The growing out of it thing always amazes me.

    • I’m never posting a comment from my iPad again. That spelling and grammar is atrocious! I hate that keyboard! lol

  6. Nice 100 btw. Are you a member of in the bg zone on flickr?

  7. A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan

    Lorrain’s right, it’s not fair. People often don’t even know what they don’t know… so we try to help them understand. When it’s family, it should be easier and require less effort, yet it’s frustrating that it simetimes isn’t. I’m sorry for the frustration and pain it’s causing. From the view of someone looking in from the outside, you’re doing exactly what you should… love on your family just as you have been, even if it means some tough love and frank conversations, but most of all, follow your heart, keep loving your boys, give yourself a break every once in a while, and know that there are many who recognize a great mom when we see one. In fact, look, there’s one now… “Hey Emily!”…

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