It’s November.

Today is the beginning of Diabetes Awareness Month or National Diabetes Month or whatever it’s officially called.  I’ve been pumped up about it.  I’ve been looking forward to maybe doing like Nan did last year and posting a diabetes fact each day.

Last week some asshole just shattered my enthusiasm for facebook in a pretty big way.  He wrote some offensive things on my wall regarding diabetes.  Then he started emailing me.  I kept my cool and only called him a dirty word a couple of times.  I decided to keep him as my ‘friend’ on facebook and continue to expose him to my diabetes posts but disable him from being able to comment on any of my posts.  The worst part of it was the fact that I have so many friends on there with diabetes or with children with diabetes that I didn’t want getting offended from MY facebook.

Anyway, I thought it was settled and felt ok with my decision.  But today, every time I started to announce to my friends that it’s not only November, but DIABETES MONTH!!!! I had no motivation.  Lame since this guy is really what needs the awareness in his life and he’s ruined my will to push it in his face.  Opposite of how it should have worked.  I just felt like the only people who are going to even care are the people who are already posting it themselves.

Another thing getting me down?  I finally used the wordpress app on my iphone the other day.  I wrote about C’s trip to the eye doctor.  I had a cool picture to post.  I wrote way too much on that crappy keyboard.  And then… it disappeared.  It’s not on my phone, it didn’t post. It didn’t save even though I’d hit save a few times through it.  It didn’t help my ‘wanting to write’ motivation.


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