The Look

My dad had a look when I was growing up.  I remember if you pissed him off real good his eyes used to look like he was going to turn into a werewolf and kill you.  It used to scare the shit out of me.  I was sure, growing up, that he might kill me one day.  When I got older I realized that my uncle (his brother) can do the same scary look with his eyes.  I’ve also seen it in my sister.  I think I might have it, too.  Sometimes I can look at my kids and don’t have to repremand them.

C doesn’t normally hide his diabetes.  He keeps it right out in the open and doesn’t seem bothered by anyone noticing.  However, he recently started playing on a basketball team and does not want to test or have his pump show in front of them.  I haven’t really addressed it, but have reminded him a few times that nobody will think twice about it.  In the meantime, we test before going in, remove the pump for the game (not to hide it but to prevent his going low. Normally along with -50% and hour before and after playing), and retest after the game.

Last night he was high before the game and I decided to correct even though he was about to play.  Normally I don’t since playing will drop him so much, but he’s been having some stubborn highs this last week.  Halfway through the game, I was feeling really nervous about where his number was at and brought his meter over to him on the bench.  There was another kid sitting next to him.  Coach (who is a 6th grade teacher and has had T1 students and is quite understanding) says, “Oh great, are you going to check him?”  I told him I was and his response was, “Ok, let’s take him over there to the bathrooms to do it.”  I looked at him and didn’t know what to say.  However, it was one of those moments where I think my eyes did the werewolf -I’m going to kill you- looks because he immediately changed his mind and said, “I mean, can he do it right here?”

“C tests wherever he happens to be.” was my response.  I went back to my seat and laughed at the idea that I just gave someone the look.  I felt a bit empowered by my family’s genetic gift.

BG was 247


7 Responses

  1. *LOVE* 🙂

  2. Ditto what Lo said. Good for you mama!

  3. I.LOVE.THIS!! You go, MOM!

  4. Hear this mama roar! Love it. 🙂

  5. Oh.YEAH.BABY!!! I love giving those “EYES”! And…What a DICK.

  6. good for you!

  7. […] that awful look I gave the basketball coach for suggesting he ‘go to the bathroom’ to test?  Ugh, gross.  Well, at that God-awful […]

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