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So C’s basketball team had their end-of-season party tonight.  At a local pizza place.  Regular pizza.

We considered not going, but I decided to take him anyways.  I called ahead and asked if they offered gluten-free pizza and was told no.  I told them my son’s team was coming in and he had celiac disease, would it be ok to bring outside pizza that was gluten-free for him.  The answer was and enthusiastic “Absolutely.”

We stopped at our local RedBrick (we LOOOOOVVVVEE RedBrick’s GF pizza!!), grabbed a pizza and headed to the party.  We sat down and I told the waitress that we had outside pizza, explained why and that I’d called earlier to make sure it was ok.  She was great, “Of course.”

One and a half HOURS later, she comes back and says, “Sorry, but she’s really upset that you brought in pizza from somewhere else.  She said it’s too late this time but you can’t bring it in again.  So next time-” I cut her off there and said we wouldn’t be coming back again.  I was pissed.  How embarrassing to call us out in front of everyone we came with and make a kid feel even more different when it’s already over.  There’s not a lot we can do 90 minutes after the fact.  My mom asked if I wanted to explain to ‘her’ (who I assumed was the owner complaining) and I didn’t.  I’d already spoken to two other people there and didn’t want to deal.  With that another mom mentions that her son has celiac disease and she’d brought in a gluten-free crust from home and they put the toppings on and cooked it for her.  I was like, Dude, why didn’t they give me that option when I called?!?!  She told me she goes there all the time (most sports in our town have their parties there.  If you show up in uniform you get free pizza).  So clearly, if she’s there as much as she says she is, they should know the routine, right?!

As we leave and are paying the woman/owner comes up and says (YELLING), “What were you thinking bringing another restaurant’s pizza into my restaurant?”  I again explained celiac disease and that my son couldn’t eat their food.  I told her that I’d called ahead and that I checked with our waitress when we arrived. 

She told me that the other mother does it right having them make the food.  I told her it would’ve been nice for her employees to have suggested that option being that she’s a regular customer and I was calling asking what my son’s options were.  Her reply was that she’d be sure to put a sign on the front door so it doesn’t happen next time.  None of this sounded nice.  She was so beyond pissed and totally yelling at me in front of like 50 other customers.  I told her not to bother with the sign for me because we wouldn’t be back.  She goes, “Real nice, after I just fed your kid for free!”  MY response? “HA!!  YOU didn’t feed my kid, I had to bring his pizza from somewhere else!  By the way, thanks for making us feel so welcome in your fine establishment!”

Now my kids are wondering what the hell is going on.  I was so pissed.  We bought a pizza, a salad, drinks, the works for the rest of our family.  It wasn’t like we were mooching off this bitch!  (We also threw out our leftovers we were going to bring home at that point)  So I’m trying to explain to my kids that some people are assholes plain and simple.  Some people shouldn’t face their customers if they have no customer service skills.  If they’d told me up front about the option of bringing my own crust and having them safely make my son a pizza, we would’ve been customers for life.  I would’ve been thrilled knowing that three blocks from my house was a restaurant trying to be accommodating.

She should’ve reprimanded her employees for giving me the wrong information instead of yelling at me in front of an entire restaurant full of people.  Fuck her, she’s lucky I didn’t cram our leftover pizza in her face like the Three Stooges with a creme pie.  Although I was tempted, hence it hitting the trash can before I got the chance…  UGHHHH!

Did I mention…



6 Responses

  1. OMG that makes me LIVID! Fucking bitch is right! Im sorry you had to deal with that. You did good mama. I woulda went totally ape shit too!

  2. Ah WOW…that sounds like such a horrible experience for you and the children Emily. The manager/owner clearly needs some instruction on “professionalism” and “management”. I am so sorry that your children had to see this ridiculous response of hers.

    Chin up. I would write a letter to your local paper about it…or report her to the Better Business Bureau.

  3. I would write a letter to the local paper. Seriously, this is SO WRONG on so many levels.

    Check out YELP and write a review too. That is awful. Just so awful. I’m sorry your family had to witness that. I’m so glad you stood up for your family! You go mama bear!

  4. OMGsh!!!!!!!!!!!! This totally caught me off guard…I wouldn’t even know what to say if someone acted that asinine towards me!!!!

    WOW!!! Speechless!!!!!

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