I don’t FEEL like educating!

We don’t deal with too many people saying ignorant things or being rude or not understanding C’s autoimmune woes.  I just realized that maybe it’s because we’re not all that social.  We have such a small circle of people we’re around and it seems that a bunch of them have diabetes themselves or in their family anyways.  We dont’ really ‘get out’ much.

Remember that awful look I gave the basketball coach for suggesting he ‘go to the bathroom’ to test?  Ugh, gross.  Well, at that God-awful basketball party we recently attended there were some other things getting on my nerves.  It really was THE shittiest party we’ve been to to date.

When we arrived we were among the first 3 or 4 families to get there.  The waitress came out and I overheard her talking to the coach and team mom about when they should bring out pizza and all that good stuff.  She rattle off different kinds of soda and asked what she should bring out.  Coach replies, “Bring out a pitcher of Pepsi, Sprite and Root Beer.  We’ve got a diabetic though, so we’ll need a glass of water for him.”  C didn’t hear this so I decided not to say anything at that point.  I was already in sort of “protection-mode” knowing that we were in a pizza place and C already felt like an outsider.  A few minutes of steam brewing in my head later I said, Hey, you want a diet coke or something, or water, or whatever?  He goes, water’s good.  Phew, no scene necessary.

I KNOW that these are the times when I’m supposed to EDUCATE people.  But sometimes I feel like they’re going to nod in agreement with everything I say, smile sweetly, and not hear a thing.  I had this feeling this night and didn’t feel like dealing.  Sometimes I’m on the edge of bitchiness and don’t feel like getting pushed to the dark side.

After the pizza, Coach stood up and gave a quick little speech about each kid and handed them a cookie.  Not just any cookie, these were lemon-flavored, basketball-decorated, gluten-filled delicious-looking cookies.  Player names and numbers on them and everything.  I told C to smile and accept the cookie and just bring it over to the table (we’d brought a GF cupcake from home anyways).  So C gets called up and his introduction is made.  Coach hands him the cookie and says, “You can give this to your brother.”  UGh.  I knew the routine.  It was annoying anyways.  I don’t know what else I could’ve expected that would’ve worked better.  Maybe it was the only option, it just felt shitty to watch him get handed something and be told he can’t have it.  I hate celiac disease.

Afterwards, the team mom comes over and offers us more cookies.  We declined and she apologized for  not remembering that C had diabetes when she’d ordered the cookies.  I sweetly let her know that people with diabetes can definitely eat cookies, however C also had celiac disease which meant he couldn’t eat things with wheat, rye or barley.  That means anything with flour like pizza or cookies.   And there it was that sweet smile and nod that looked just like she hadn’t heard a thing I said.  Her reply, “Well I’m just glad YOU’RE thinking, because I certainly wasn’t.”

Ummm, ya.  Of course I’m thinking about it.  Why wouldnt’ I be?  And I would never have expected her to think about something that she didn’t know.  Thanks for that meaningless reply though.  Blah.

On the flip side, sometimes people around us getting bits of education all on their own.  To me, it feels like it’s because they care enough to open their minds and notice it more.  Last night I went out with a good friend of mine.  He excitedly tells me that he heard on the radio about some “amazing miracle treatment for diabetes.  Artificial pancreas or something??”  When people around me report to me things they’ve heard on their own, not from me it’s like the best gift they can give me.  I like when I don’t HAVE TO  educate, I just open them up to something new to pay attention to.


3 Responses

  1. Holy smokes… I just read all three of your posts (this one and the other two you linked to), and my head just about exploded. I cannot believe people have the balls to act like that (the coach and the biatch/owner of the restaurant).

    Wow. Just… wow.

  2. UGH…you have had SOME luck lately.

  3. It FOR SURE often goes in one ear and out the other! You are so right, sometimes it just isn’t worth our efforts. We have to pick our moments.

    Most people seriously don’t care about anything unless it effects them.

    I try to not be like most people. I really try.

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