Helping the Emotional Side

I’ve been mentioning lately what’s been going on with C.  He’s felt pretty normal and accepting of his diabetes and most aspects of celiac disease from the get-go.

When he started basketball, I wanted to lower his basal while he played.  But C wanted to step outside to pull his pump out and make the changes.  And he wanted to test in the car before we went in and back in the car after the game.  It was the first time I’d seen him attempt to hide his diabetes.

I saw him clearly uncomfortable at the basketball party that I’ve already been writing about too much lately.  He sat with US to eat instead of at the “team table.”

He’s mentioned “just eating gluten” a couple of times lately after a pretty big break of not mentioning it.

He’s falling behind in school.  He gets sent home for a high blood sugar (I’m talking 4-500s when he comes home and I believe its’ stress-induced).  He misses class assignments and lessons.  Teachers don’t send work home.  He goes back lost, gets stressed, high blood sugars follow and I get a call to pick him up.  Vicious circle much?  He thinks he’s stupid.

Two of his best friends who lived on our block have both moved away in the last two months.  One to another city.

He’s been getting more and more short-tempered and not wanting to do anything fun.  Video games are about all he’s been interested in.

I finally put him in counseling this week.  It’s been at the top of my to-do list since he was diagnosed with diabetes and felt even more urgent after adding celiac.  He had crummy insurance for a while which wasn’t covering it and I couldnt’ afford it even though I didnt’ feel we could afford to not do it.  His insurance was switched but then LIFE got in the way and I just wasn’t giving it the priority I knew it deserved.  The other day he came home in a bummer mood again, we ended up in an argument of homework of all stupid things and I knew I needed to do something.  I started making calls to insurance and counselors that day.

I expected serious backlash.  I’ve mentioned it before and gotten it.  This time I explained to him that he hasn’t seemed happy with anything.  School seems to be making things worse and that he deserved a great, happy life.  I told him he’d been handed a lot of difficulties that would be hard for anyone of any age to deal with and that to expect it to be easy would be silly.  I told him that no matter how much I love him, a lot of our attempts at talking about school or attitudes or whatever else turn into arguments or door slamming.  I told him he needed to have someone safe in his life.  Someone he could always talk to and never worry about it turning into an argument.  I told him he had an appointment with a counselor and that we were definitely giving it a try.  I said it was my job to make sure he had the happiest life possible and this is my next attempt to make sure of that.

He said, “I don’t really want to, but I’ll try it.”

We went that night.  I went in with him to explain that he had been diagnosed with diabetes, celiac and ADHD (with no hyperactivity, but inattentiveness…another  thing nobody ‘gets’ they all think he should be bouncing off the walls if he’s got it) all in one year.  When he asked C questions, he responded.  He had a smile a few times when we were there.  It seemed hopeful.  I’m just so happy that he seemed so responsive.  It means that this is going to be a positive help that much sooner.


4 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry to read about all this difficulty, Emily. It sounds like you have a great plan to address it and, as always, a great attitude to go along with it. I hope things get better, even if it’s just at a baby step at a time. You both deserve it.

  2. Hope things get better soon. Sounds like youre doing all you can and should mama. ((hugs))

  3. You are taking wonderful steps to help your baby! Maybe you can meet with the school/teacher and ask them what their plan is to help your son feel smart again!


    I don’t have anything insightful, but wanted you to know that I think you’re doing a great job and I’ll keep you in my prayers!

    I feel so bad that he feels so badly about himself. It tears at my heart…I hope this turns around soon.

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