Dear School,

So here’s my day so far and the email sent to the school (and district) today.  Blahhhhh

Hi [School Psychologist] and [School Nurse],

I’m just checking in to see if you were able to come up with any ideas at the meeting this morning about C’s education. I’m also wondering if independent studies of some sort were an option or idea. I’m quite aware of how behind he is and am getting increasingly frustrated, as is he, by not knowing how to help.

I just picked him up from school today due to a high blood sugar and his infusion site (where his insulin pump attaches under his skin) was pulled out. This is not uncommon or very noticeable until a high blood sugar. His clothes will continue to hold the tubing in place making it not that obvious of a problem. However, when I came to change the infusion site, [Health Tech] made it quite clear that she felt that C was lying about the problem and that he’d pulled the site on his own to come home. His story made perfect sense to me as to why he was in the office, how he noticed the problem and everything else he said. [Health Tech], not knowing how the pump operates didn’t think this made any sense. She seemed sure that the pump would’ve known that it had become detached and alarmed to alert him. It would certainly be helpful if it worked that way, but the pump does not know. When C realized that it had become detached he ‘suspended’ the pump, meaning he stopped it from continuing to release insulin, which is exactly what he should’ve done. It would’ve continued leaking insulin until it ran out. When you stop it, it does alarm. Every few minutes it alarms to remind you that it’s no longer delivering insulin, a safety feature. [Health Tech] seemed to assume that when it started alarming is when it was disconnected from his body and that that’s when he pulled it off himself.

I left, taking C with me, feeling very frustrated with the attitude I was feeling from her. C told me that when he showed her that it was detached he grinned (probably because he had just realized the problem??) and she asked why he was smiling and told him it made her think he’d done it on purpose to go home. Type 1 diabetes is a complicated disease.  C is a child doing his best to figure it out on his own while at school. When he has a very high blood sugar my first steps are to check the pump and make sure he’d given insulin for all food eaten and then check the site where it’s connected to make sure it’s still attached. [Health Tech] seemed to be acting like this was totally abnormal and could only happen on purpose.

C is a child who does not need guilt piled on top of everything else. If somebody suspects foul play, I would appreciate a phone call outside of my son’s earshot to talk to me, an adult, about it. I am quite upset by the attitude I received while in the office and can only imagine how a child, already feeling less powerful than an adult, would feel with it directed at them.

This is just another piece of the puzzle that’s leaving me lost as to how to help him succeed at school. C needs another learning option, this one is clearly not working on any levels with him.

Emily B

cc [ ****** Unified School District Health Services Coordinator]


8 Responses

  1. Speechless Emily. I am so sorry that Camden had to endure the ignorance of this Health Aid. You guys have been having a doozy of a stretch. Chin up. Keep educating and advocating. You are making a difference.

  2. Blech. Thats awful she would suggest that and Im so sorry you have had non stop ignorance in your path. Thinking of you guys.

  3. Ugh. So sorry on so many levels. Schools don’t realize the D doesn’t play nice with health or emotions, and each are equally important.

  4. I read this a few days ago and came back to see how you guys were doing. So worried about you and C and this post made me sick to my stomach. It was good of you to share so we can pray and be sending good thoughts your way as you seek to find a solution to all the madness. Hang in there, momma, you are great!

  5. Sorry I missed this and so sorry this needed to be written. Any progress?

    • Ehh, I got an email apology from the school psychologist and I asked the other day if the health tech’s been rude and he said not really. I don’t know that any progress can be made other than her learning to keep her comments to herself. It’s probably also helping that his numbers have been mostly great at lunch lately.

  6. I stopped in to see if there was an update and I see what you’ve written to Lorraine. I really have thought about you two a lot since reading this last post. You are in my prayers and hoping things stay on the “better” track. Wish I could share my nurse with Cam. (((Hugs)))

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