Diet Suicide

My kids are big fans of suicide… not the real deal… the soda mixing deal.  That’s what we called it when I was a kid, do other people call it that?  You know, when you mix all the flavors from the soda fountain?  I hope so or else this whole thing already sounds weird.

I never really bought soda for the house before diabetes came along but if we went out somewhere that had a soda fountain though, I’d let them have at it.  I’m no longer a fan of the mixed soda, but they always love it. 

We went to see the Clippers play the other day.  On our way home we had a car full of four hungry kids who were driving me nuts.  We HAD to make a stop at McDonald’s.  And guess what?!!!  The one in Encino had Diet Coke AND DIET DR. PEPPER!!  C was so excited to make a diet suicide!  Woohoo for restaurants that have more than just one diet option!!


p.s. A lot of people around me think that C can’t have sugar or soda BECAUSE they see me giving him diet sodas.  I just want to clear it up that diet sodas = no hassles with blood sugar.  He CAN have regular soda, it just means it’s one more thing to THINK about.  I have to figure out how many carbohydrates to give insulin for it, assuming he’ll drink all of it.  I have to factor in the amount of exercise he’s getting.  I have to understand that the sugar from the soda will hit him fast, there is no protein, fat or fiber to help slow it down.  Full on, liquid sugar is just tricky.  Diet is not.  When we are at a party though and C’s only option is DIET COKE, just like everywhere else, and everyone else is drinking Sprite or Root Beer and that’s what he wants, as long as we’re not already in the middle of a blood sugar nightmare, I let him go for it.


4 Responses

  1. I havent tried to bolus for soda but cotton candy was the same sorta. It spiked and dropped so fast he didnt need insulin. Actually never spiked!

    Suicide thing never heard of now i wanna try it!

    • never heard of suicide? I hope it’s not just a word my family used… weird.

      anyways, I don’t normally bolus for soday. It’s only happened at parties. At Chuck E Cheese where there’s a fountain, I’ve filled it completely with ice (so he gets less soda) and only bolused a tiny bit since he was running around. Last week at my neice’s pool party bolused for 1/2 a can (22 carbs in half?!) thinking he could use the other 1/2 to cover the exercise. Ends up he didn’t want more than 1/2 a soda anyways so I didn’t bolus for his lunch and it worked out. He knows that it’s not what I want us to do on a normal basis, but when he’s feeling left out because of it, I’ll let it slide.

      • I’ve heard of a suicide soda mix. And we called it a “suicide” too. So you’re not the only one! 🙂 My sister used to always do it. I never was a fan. But my boys LOVE it! Ryan never asks for it because he just automatically goes for diet. I never really thought about giving him regular and he’s never asked. I’ll leave it alone for now, but tuck it away for later when I’m sure he will.

        Oh, and Alexis, I’ve heard that about cotton candy. Not bolusing and not really having much of a spike if any at all. We havne’t tried it yet. We shall see!

  2. WOOT! On the diet options!

    We’re all about mixing up around here!!!! Yummy 🙂

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