Childhood, Interrupted.

Diabetes is shitty.  I’m one of the first who’ll admit that.  I would never downplay what a horrible disease it is and how unbearably consuming it is.  No matter what activity you are or are not going to do, you have to consider diabetes first.  Eating?  Test, count carbs bolus… Exercising?  Test, eat carbs… Sleeping in?  Better set an alarm to get up and test then try to get back to sleep… and on and on and on.  It’s exhausting and refuses to be ignored.  However, celiac disease is what consistently adds sadness to my son’s life.  Celiac disease is what stole normalcy from his childhood and gave him no way to go around it.  Sure cake and candy are hard to manage with diabetes, but it’s do-able.  Especially as a once in a while treat.  Gluten though?  Nope, sorry, not ever.

Our school district is in the middle of state testing right now and a recent trend is teachers encouraging sucking on hard candies during a test.  No problem.  Only C reminded me at bedtime the night before his testing started and we had no hard candies laying around.  I told him to see if anyone had extras and we’d pick some up for the next day.  He came home and told me he got two Mentos from a classmate and they were his new favorite candy.  They were the pink strawberry ones.  I excitedly agreed that the fruity Mentos were by far one of the yummiest candies ever.  I might’ve even overdone how much I loved them.  He didn’t know how many carbs they were and didn’t bolus because he figured it was really low.  I agreed with his decision.

This morning, we left a bit early to stop by the market so he could get his own.  He came back out with a huge smile and three rolls!  He opens the door and says, “I got a fruity one for you, too.  They were only a dollar!”  I thanked him and said, let’s check the carbs before your test today… as I rolled it over what glared at me that I couldn’t miss?  WHEAT GLUCOSE SYRUP as the second ingredient.  Gluten.  The first thought through my head was that I couldn’t tell him.  I couldn’t ruin this.  I’d made it worse by agreeing about how good they were.  I was crushed knowing that he would be.  Of course I had to tell him and watched his happiness fade.  I told him I’d buy them back from him, gave him three bucks and sent him back in to get Lifesavers.  He said it would look weird to go back in, he’d just skip the candy in class.  I convinced him otherwise and he went in.  He came out with Lifesavers and Certs.  Told me he’d never had the Certs but he’d checked the ingredients.  As he popped one in his mouth he lit up telling me they were really good and gave me one.

Now I’m at work with three rolls of Mentos and I’ll tell you, my resentment is affecting their sweetness.


3 Responses

  1. Totally know how you feel! I have T1/celiac boy who is 6. Celiac sucks! Diabetes is one thing but the celiac is just down right depressing! My son is the one getting Ambush from KC. We are so excited for him to join our family! It is good to hear stories from other moms who are going through the same things.


  2. I live in fear of the celiac. I am so sorry about the yummy creamy berry Mentos.

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