About “Life As I Know It”

This blog started as something only I would be interested in and maybe still is.

It started out as a place where I could quick write the things that my kids did or said so I would be able to come back and remember them.  An on-going babybook or sorts for both of my boys.

Only a month after I started, my oldest son, C, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and that took over our lives.  Two months later he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Now, we’re consumed with counting carbs, measuring, weighing, searching ingredient lists for hidden gluten, trying to find patterns in blood sugar readings, figure out how to pre-treat activities and just be normal on top of it all. There doesn’t seem to be much room left in my brain for much else and my blog reflects that.  I try desperately not to leave out my sweet E, but really my writing tends to focus on dealing with C and his chronic illnesses. 

It’s just my life with diabetes, celiac, and two awesome boys.

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