I Love Today!

I had butterflies in my stomach all morning.  Scary, nervous butterflies.  C’s endo apt was today.  We’re supposed to get the results of his Thyroid Antibody test.  His thyroid was enlarged and he had a few other symptoms.  Not really a big deal in the long run, but still.  He’s tired of being diagnosed.  He’s so great at keeping a totally normal attitude despite the fact that he can’t eat most of the foods (gluten) that people eat around him, the fact that he has to prick his finger all day, the fact that he’s attached to a machine that delivers his insulin instead of his pancreas doing it.  It just rolls off his back like nothing.  But when he heard the idea of one more diagnosis when his life was just getting back to normal, he got pretty upset.  The idea of having to take pills scared him as much as the thought of needles did when he got the news about diabetes.  It was heart breaking.  Today we went to the Dr. and I was prepared to be as positive and light-hearted as possible to ease his pain when they broke the news.  Only they didn’t.  His levels were perfectly normal.  We cheered of course.  What a crazy relief!!
Then, onto the next order of business.  The last 3 nights C’s had some unexplainable high blood sugars.  I changed his infusion site and they got worse.  But… in the daytime they’ve been great.  Until today.  He came home from school about 9:30am with small ketones and BG 346.  I did not give a correction dose.  Dr. likes us to correct only at meals and bedtime and there would be no getting away with it even if I tried since we were going to see her.  Except and hour and a half later, while in the waiting room, he drops to 65.  What the?  Ok, so apparently the site is ok and the insulin’s working still?  Whatever, I’m still confused, but she was really excited to see the rest of his numbers doing so well!  She decided to wait before making any basal changes this time.  We’re just going to try a new vial of insulin.
Here’s the icing on the cake.  His A1C was 7.4.  It was 8.2 in November.  Before that, they did it in the hospital and didn’t bother tellling me what it was.  I wouldn’t have known what it meant at that point anyways…  BUT, I’m so excited because he’s been on the pump for a month and it’s changed everything.  I know that the majority of what brought it down happened in this last month.  Just imagine how much more improvement we’ll see on his next one!