reteaching the teachers

I’ve probably written it before, maybe even yesterday.  If not, everyone around me’s sure heard about it.  My son is alone with his diabetes at school.  He’s cool with it, but I get infuriated everytime a situation comes up.  He goes to the health office at lunch to test, count, bolus.  Then he’s on his way.  I met him there every day of this school year until a few weeks ago.  One MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) nobody seemed very interested in finding out what I wanted them to do.  So I kept coming.  Finally I saw starting the pump as an opportunity to start over fresh with the school, teach them what needed to be done and back away and let them do their job.
Yesterday while going over his numbers in the meter he finally remembered to bring home from school I realized that there were 3 days in the last 2 weeks where there was no number at lunch.  He just plain didn’t test.  He bolused, but didn’t test first.  He’s told me that the health tech never goes over his carbs with him to make sure he counted right and then he’s headed back out to his friends.
C’s Dr. was pretty upset to hear about this yesterday.  She wrote up a “prescription” for what they need to be doing and wants me to have it added to our 504 right away.  She reminded me that I’m not asking them to go beyond the call of duty.  I’m asking them to do their job and pay attention to my son’s health needs.
Today, I went to the school just before lunch and told the health tech that I really couldn’t be leaving work everyday anymore, but I need her to understand what needs to be done.  Then, when C came in I told him what she needs to do and had him show her every little thing he does.  He can’t just rush out to the playground.  He needs to show her every single number that comes up or that he enters.  Let’s hope they start working together as a team.

Oh!  almost forgot.  Another great thing.  the last 4 nights C’s blood sugar’s been 300+.  One night it was up to 415.  I changed his infusion site in the middle and still no break.  During the days, it was mostly pretty good, but evenings?  forget it.  Last night, bribed him once again to move the site to his booty, and bam!  he woke up 147 even though he went to bed around 260.  Corrected and at lunch he was 116.  At dinner he was 85.  Thank goodness for his booty which is probably the only place on his body that has any tiny amount of meat on it!  I sure hope he’ll go for it again next time.  My first bribe to try was $10.  This second one was a $7.99 game on his phone.  At least the price is going down.  I’m thinking the next one’s worth $5, then maybe he’ll forget all about it after that.  🙂