This is how I was greeted when I stepped out onto my porch this morning.
And this how I was greeted when I walked into the dining room this afternoon.

under the couch

It’s gross for anyone to vacuum under the couch.  Ours happens to be L-shaped.  It’s 13 feet long on one side.  That’s a lot of couch for things to gather.  I got the broom out and started scooping everything out this morning.  I usually peek under and try to vacuum as much as I can, but it’s only once a month (or maybe less than that…) that I really get everything out.  This morning there was enough dog hair to make some yarn and knit a hat or something.  Couldn’t even count how many Nerf darts or airsoft pellets.  About 8 socks and one shoe.  A hat.  A pork rind.  Four dog toys and a brand spanking new vial of insulin still in the box.  Ugh.