New Goal

I’ve been trying to exercise.  It’s never been something I like to do.  Plus, I have two kids, not a lot of daycare options and I work.  Now with daylight savings turning my skies dark so early, it’s even harder.  But lately I think I NEED to work out.  Or maybe I just NEED to get out of my house.  I’m trying to be proactive and save my mental health…  So my neighbor and I started going for hikes about once a week while my mom watches the kids.  He’s usually up for anything with no notice and he’s not as much of a wimp as me so it works out perfectly.

Two weeks ago we decided to ride bikes to the beach instead.  I don’t live too far , but we went to the furthest spot we could while staying in our city.  And we took a short cut which ended up being the opposite.  Ends up we rode almost 12 miles.  I made it on my beach cruiser (it has gears) and wasn’t even sore.  Twelve miles sounded like a lot to me so I was pretty pumped up about it.  This last weekend we upped the ante and decided to ride to Foster Park which is on the way to the next city.  I figured it would be 18-20 miles round trip.  Ends up it was 22.5 miles and we made it!  Yay!!

My adorable, but heavy, bike

On my way, pedalling my ass off on my heavy beach cruiser, my neighbor mentions that I’m working really hard on my bike while he’s basically gliding on his.  I decided I need a new bike.  I wondered how far I could go on a better bike.  My mind started wandering and I got this goal in my head.  I’m sort of scared to bring it up to anyone in case I don’t realize it, but I think I want to do next year’s Ride to Cure Diabetes.  You can do 30, 60 or 100 mile rides.  I’m thinking 60 sounds good but a co-worker I mentioned it to thinks I should go big and try 100.  I’m definitely not going to get ahead of myself (yet) though.  I still need a better bike.  And Christmas is coming.  And I’m broke.  BUT… If I can figure something out to get a pretty decent bike, I’m going for it.  I’ll have a full year to get ready.


the little things

Today the boys were playing on the trampoline.  After a little while I wondered if I should give C some Gatorade so he didn’t go low.  Almost the same time, he came in and says, “Mom, I went down to 68, but I took my glucose tabs.  Can you tell me when my timer goes off?” and set down his phone.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day good.  Getting to a point where you know when the activity’s gone far enough to need extra carbs, and having a super smart child show you that they can handle an awful lot of responsibility.  Turned my day around.