Today was C’s first visit to the ophthalmologist since his diabetes diagnosis.  He was so nervous.  He’s scared to death of eye drops and panicked when I was telling him that they were going to dilate his pupils.

We chose the right doctor.

He was so calm and explained everything he was doing.  Was honest about the numbing drops stinging at first and even stayed patient while reminding C he needed his eyes open…

He talked to C about being a part of his diabetes team and how he and C would work together to do everything they can to make sure his eyesight stays with him forever.  He also showed him a model of an eye to show him exactly what he’d be looking at through the pupil.

It was really a great visit and now one more thing C’s overcome.  Next year he’ll have nothing to fear.

Oh, and even better: his eyes were perfectly healthy and his vision is 20/20.

Dr. B and C