checking out photos


I was just looking at some photos and came across this one. It was in January. What a shaggy little kid. But he’s adorable. He and I went on a mommy-son date to get some tea and hot cocoa. He wore this tae-kwon-do uniform. He’s never taken a class… Anyway, I love that little smile.



This is how I was greeted when I stepped out onto my porch this morning.
And this how I was greeted when I walked into the dining room this afternoon.

out of the hospital

We’re home and things are going ok. Of course his first night home his blood sugar went a bit higher than I had hoped (277). I gave the proper amount of insulin and checked an hour later and it was a bit higher than before. He also said he had a headache so of course I was a nervous wreck. I ended up staying in his bed until 2:00 am when it was time for me to check his blood sugar again… Thank goodness it was down to 130 at that point. I decided rather than getting in the habit of being in a constant panic, I went back to my room for the rest of the night where E was already sleeping. In the morning it was still only 133. Thank God!!
He had breakfast with his insulin and then a snack later and just had lunch. Before his lunch, his blood sugar was 160-something. Not bad. I know there will be times where it’s too high and too low, but I really really hope that we have a chance to get used to all of this before that happens. We’re doing our best.

I tried to post a couple of times from my phone, but just can’t get it to work. This was from the hospital…

Tuesday, July 21
C’s handling this so well it’s amazing. He gets his blood sugar test stuff ready and then I do the actual finger poke and he uses the meter to check the blood. Tonight he took another step and wanted to get his insulin shot ready! He did it all but the actual shot. Kids adapt so quickly!!

now, here’s his photos…beginning to end of our stay. note how you can SEE the improvement!

Friday morning, just admitted to the E.R.

En route to Cottage Hospital via ambulance
ICU (Friday)
ICU Friday night
Saturday around 11am Finally breakfast! First food in 28 hours!!
Visit with brother. Building Legos (Saturday)
Feeling good enough to play Legos OUT of bed! (Saturday)
Sunday in a regular room, no more ICU!
Checking out the view!
A visit from his best friend (also not in good shape!) Sunday
Playing cards on the roof patio (Monday)
Anything to get out of bed (Monday)
Dottie! One of THREE dogs who came in to visit on Tuesday
Us, feeling better
Tuesday finally back on YoVille
Back on the roof patio (Tuesday)
Demonstrating his new found love for (low-carb) beef jerky, or Meaty Treats as we call them